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Firmware 2.1.0 for RØDECaster Pro Raises Your Podcast Productions to New Heights

Rode’s software engineers have been very busy writing codes, testing and developing their beta firmware for Rodecaster Pro earlier this year.  At the End of March, they released the beta version of this firmware to gain additional feedback and suggestions from the podcast community.  There have been tons of ideas and comments on how to improve an already feature-packed podcast interface unit since that beta version has been released to the public.  Finally on June 11th, Rode formally released its official firmware version 2.1.0 and it is ready to download and it is indeed worth the wait.  In addition to sound improvements on the audio processors, which include noise gate, compressor, high-pass filter, de-esser, and APHEX processors, Rode has updated major improvements to their companion app as well, providing the user with tons of flexibility during their podcast session.

Here are just some of the highlights of this latest free firmware from Rode:

  • Every single parameter of all the audio processors can be adjusted in the menu.
  • Newly designed menu interface.
  • New undo function in each compressor menu to allow the user to go back to the previous setting.
  • New Broadcast Meters allow the home screen to display all audio levels in dB markings, as each line indicates 6 dB increments.
  •  New Overdub Function on all Sound Pad buttons, providing the ability to lay over multiple sounds into each Sound Pad.
  • New Loop Mode on Sound Pad, allowing user to continuously loop a sound until it is switched off.
  • New Post Fader Mode, allowing users to record all Fader positions and processing effects into a multi-track recording.
  • Updated Companion App can now control in real-time all effect processors from the app instead of using the hardware controls on the unit.
  • Companion App now lets user record in 64 bit podcasts.  Instead of recording a podcast in maximum 4 GB segments only, 64-bit podcast mode allows users to record continuously without interruption as one single file on the micro SD card.
  • New gesture navigation improvements allow users to swipe down on a previous menu on the LCD touch screen, and swipe up to go to the home screen menu.
  • New micro SD button on the home screen, allowing the user to quickly format card, or quickly switch Rodecaster Pro into Podcast Transfer Mode.
  • A minus 6 dB pad has been added to the TRRS output, allowing additional output level adjustments when working with some third party software that boosts their input signal by default.

It sounds like the Rode software engineers have been working overtime to making the Rodecaster Pro even a better product than before.  On top of that, this upgrade is free of charge.  Start downloading firmware version 2.1.0 here at this link:


Yen Peng

Handling our Inside Sales, Yen came to fully understand the importance of production workflow while working in post production for directors, camera operators and producers in the nineties. Later picked up by William F. Whites, he worked in the sales division of Cinequipwhite, supporting DoP's, gaffers, broadcasters and independent operators. Throughout these many years, client's requests on equipment have remained the same: it must be intuitive to operate, with no compromise in performance, and be reliable in the toughest of conditions.

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