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Block Battery Linkey is a perfect low profile portable power bank for on-set accessories

Invented by gaffer Josh Linkey, the new Block Battery Linkey is a small, low profile power bank that can be mounted on a C-stand, tripod or a DIT cart in a Robocup holder.  People on sets are already using the Linkey in creative ways.  Some of these ideas include mounting a Small HD monitor on top of the Linkey; using a Teradek Bolt wireless receiver unit with Linkey on the bottom; charging your cell phone or powering a USB work light.  We would love to see how you are rigging up the Linkey on set.  Send me your photos at

The Linkey Block is the most universal accessory battery in the market. A true 14.4 volt professional battery, the Linkey Block can power (via the D-Tap connector) any load up to 10 amps. The Linkey Block’s unique design allows it to slip easily into a RoboCup, or clip quickly onto any C-Stand. The two threaded inserts on either end of the Linkey Block allow attachment to baby pins, monitors, or receivers.

Robocup holder is not included with Linkey

The Linkey Block also has two simultaneous USB outputs at 2.5 amps each.  Its output power is rated at 76 watt-hours and it comes with the AC power charger that can charge the Linkey in 1.5 to 2 hours.  Preorder your Linkey now at this link here:

Block Battery Linkey Block 14.4V 76Wh

Yen Peng

Handling our Inside Sales, Yen came to fully understand the importance of production workflow while working in post production for directors, camera operators and producers in the nineties. Later picked up by William F. Whites, he worked in the sales division of Cinequipwhite, supporting DoP's, gaffers, broadcasters and independent operators. Throughout these many years, client's requests on equipment have remained the same: it must be intuitive to operate, with no compromise in performance, and be reliable in the toughest of conditions.

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